meta_tags and page_params

CMSimple_XH started out with two new plugins, meta_tags und page_params for storing page-related information to be processed by the CMS.

A page heading differing from the heading in the navigation? A template differing from the standard-template for just one page? Hiding a page from search engines without hiding all the other pages? No problem for CMSimple_XH.

This additional menu is placed above the editor's menu and can be expanded and collapsed.


Since more and more plugins were written using the js library jQuery, conflicts often ensued when two different plugins used this library in different ways.

Therefore the plugin jQuery4CMSimple (jquery) was created and made part of CMSImple_XH since version 1.4.1. Now usage of jQuery library in CMSimple is easy and standardised.


Although long time users of CMSimple are used to create new pages by simply adding new headlines, new users often find this confusing.

The plugin PagemanagerXH (pagemanager) allows creation, deletion and moving of pages in Windows-Explorer style. Even complete branches of pages can be moved via drag-and-drop.

Pagemanager is part of CMSimpleXH since version 1.5


Also since CMSimple_XM 1.5 editors are integrated as plugins. Standard editor is TinyMCE.


As all modern online editors provide filebrowsers only commercially, we decided to program our own filebrowser and add it to the package from version 1.5 onward.

CMSimple_XH should remain freeware.


Holger Irmler's update checker is also part of new version of CMSimple_XH. It shows the webmaster, if new versions are available for installed plugins or the CMS itself.