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10.03.2010 – v1.1.2

After publishing version 1.1.1 we found several minor bugs which are partly from the old classical CMSimple.

Therefore we decided to publish CMSimple_XH 1.1.2. For all those, who have installed CMSimple_XH already, there is a bugfix update, which can be installed over all previously published CMSimple_XH versions from CMSimple_XH 1.0 onwards:

  • CMSimple_XH 1.0 => 1.1.2
  • CMSimple_XH 1.1 => 1.1.2
  • CMSimple_XH 1.1.1 => 1.1.2

The bugfix update can be installed simply on top of an existing installation, as no content, language or config file are involved.

Download »

The Update is strongly recommended

Important Changes / Bugfixes:
  • No loss of data (pages) in connection with the plugins memberpages / register / page_params (bug form the old classical CMSimple)
  • CMSimple scripts are now visible in edit mode and thus will be erased as well when the whole page is being erased. In edit mode (WYSIWYG) scripts can and should be entered.


If you have changed CMSimple_XH standard templates, without giving them a new name, you better save theses templates before doing the bugfix update, as the original templates are contained in the bugfix update and will erase templates with the same names

Alternatively you can omit the folder /templates/ in the update. We included the templates in the bugfix update, as the update should also serve CMSimple_XH 1.0, and as the old templates don't mention the new license conditions.