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Quality Standards

All the downloads published or linked on have to satisfy our quality-standards.


Since version 1.2 CMSimple_XH is UTF-8 encoded. All components for CMSimple_XH have to be UTF-8 encoded (UTF-8 without BOM) or ASCII encoded (which is a subset of UTF-8).

Web Standards

All components for CMSimple_XH, plugins, templates and others should produce valid HTML 4.01 transitional and/or XHTML 1.0 transitional  resp. HTML5 and/or XHTML5. This should be documented by the respective programmer, designer or vendor. One way to do so, is to mark the downloadable files.

Our guidelines for this marking are:

  • H for HTML 4.01 transitional or HTML5
  • X for XHTML 1.0 transitional or XHTML5
  • XH for plugins, templates or other add-ons that will validate in both markup-languages.

This marking should be placed in upper case at the end of the download name of plugins or templates, e.g.: 


Sometimes there may be valid reasons to renounce validation, especially in multimedia or some CSS-specific projects. If it's reasonable and well documented, the download/link will be accepted also.

How to make your plugin or template ready for this requirement is explained in our WIKI.