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As CMSimple_XH is a community driven project, anybody showing an interest in advancing the project is invited to join the discussion about new features. The place for this discussions is the CMSimple-Forum. So please, if you have any ideas, code snippets, feature requests, suggestions or comments, we would be eager to read your postings.

The roadmap is our tool for voting about new features, and for assignment of "volunteers" for implementing these features. It is not the place for discussions about features.

Want to participate in the voting?

If you have been a regular poster at or have made a plugin for CMSimple_XH, please drop us a notice and » request admission to the voting.


Versioning System

CMSimple_XH's numbering scheme follows the customary major.minor.revision scheme.

New versions with bugfixes or better integration of existing features get a higher third ("revision") number.

The introduction of new features in a version will increase the second ("minor") number. Compatibility with existing extensions shall be kept as far as reasonable (i.e. some plugins/addons might require minor modifications; major adjustments shall only be necessary for very few plugins/addons, which hook in deeply into the core of CMSimple_XH). New requirements shall be introduced only, if a minor fraction of existing CMSimple_XH installations will be affected.

General potentially incompatible changes would lead to a higher first ("major") number.



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