ChangeLog CMSimple_XH

30.06.2009 – beta

CMSimple_XH beta is ready for download as first beta version for testing purposes.


  • CMSimple_XH is "ready for html 5". However we still have to wait for an editor capable of producing html 5 compliant content.
  • output of the language flags now (X)html valid
  • masked output of "&" in print link, so that print link won't provoke an error in validation
  • Addition of many "\n" 's into the program code results in better structured source code in CMSimple_XH
  • function head () outputs title tag and meta tags html 5 compliant


  • editor_external: FCKeditor preset
  • uri_seperator: "/" as divider in URL
  • plugins_folder: "plugins" preset as plugin folder, because 2 plugins are already part of CMSimple_XH
  • meta-tag "robots='index, follow'" added. head () now outputs this tag. This meta-tag can be overwritten with the plugin "meta_tags". Thus individual pages can be hidden before Google & Co.


  • 3 hidden pages for news boxes (News01– 03) pre-installed
  • Presentation of CMSimple_XH templates

New Integrated Pluginloader:

  • Necessary for plugins meta and page_params
  • Several security loopholes closed
  • (X)html valid inclusion of plugin specific stylesheets
  • Addition of many "\n" 's to the program code results in line by line output of stylesheet calls in source code (better readable source code)

Plugin meta_tags included:

  • Individual title for every page
  • individual description for every page
  • Individual keywords for every page
  • individual setting for <meta name="robots" ...> for every page possible

Plugin page_params included:

  • Page heading differing from heading in navigation menu now possible
  • Published yes/no can be set for every page
  • Individual page template for every page possible
  • Display of last edit date/time can be set for every page

New Version of FCKeditor4CMSimple Integrated:

  • Recognizes automatically if CMSimple_XH is set to html or Xhtml and produces code accordingly
  • Internal links are created in a way that they validate in CMSimple link check
  • Image data are referred relative to the CMSimple root, so that moving the content.htm is possible without disrupting internal links to images

Reworked German and English Language Files:

  • Code interfering designations "<" and ">" in navigator_previous and navigator_next changed to "« prev" and "next »"
  • Warning "SAVED ?!" connected to the link from edit mode to view mode (normal mode)
  • Diverse other changes