ChangeLog CMSimple_XH

09.11.2009 – v1.0 RC

CMSimple_XH 1.0 RC (Release Candidate) ready for download. The main changes from CMSimple_XH beta 3.2 are:

  • new FCKeditor4CMSimple 2.5.0 included – the filemanager now works also in deep folder structures
  • Debug mode – when activated, will display php error messages, which can make solving problems easier
  • Minor changes in content.htm of the downloads in folders ./content und ./2lang
  • New pluginloader with working referencing of corresponding page_data files
  • CMSimple scripting now will display error messages on calling undefined functions
  • fckeditor.php: referencing of connections for the filemanager of  FCKeditor changed
  • New function in page-params: internal and external routing of single pages via menu possible
  • Reworked cms.php and functions.php to be compatible to toc addons and plugins as well as to memberpages' function "hide page" in plugin page_params. That was an old problem of CMSimple.
  • New language files Polish, Spanish and Danish
  • New language variables in all languages for the new e-mail form