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sitr_XH (Show in Time Range) facilitates to administer a couple of special preparted pages showing their content changing frequently (daily) shown at the same time. Original use is e.g. a  daily menu of a restaurant, regular daily event of an institution, or any other similar event. Primarilly useful for showing an eventpage in a newsbox.The plugin has four functions:sitr_today - primarily for newsbox announcementssitr_week (incl. sitr_weekday) / creating a week plan page, the sitr_weekday may be used separately alike the sitr_today.sitr_nextday - function creating announcements for "today" and "tomorrow" / primarilly in a newsbox.


Announcement in timeAnnouncement before startAnnouncement during an eventAnnouncement after eventNext day announcementDay off nect day announcement


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