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all basic cols CSS only multipage onepage
dontplaygamesmultipage≥ 1.6GPLv3
fhs-anchorific-purebasic≥ 1.7free
fhs-basic-allbasic, multipage, responsiv, cols, 2or3col1.7.xfree
fhs-basic3-col, basic≥ 1.7free
fhs-coffee-oponepage≥ 1.7CCA 3.0
fhs-editorialbasic, multi-col≥ 1.7CCA 3.0
fhs-just-flymulti-onepage, big-hero≥ 1.7free
fhs-left-rightbasic≥ 1.7free
fhs-magicHerobasic, big-hero≥ 1.7free
fhs-megamaker1-col, megamenu≥ 1.7free
fhs-motley-tilesmulti-onepage, tiles≥ 1.7free
fhs-op-CCRonepage, 2-col≥ 1.7free
fhs-sectionsOPonepage, snippets≥ 1.7.4free
fhs-sectionsbasic, snippets≥ 1.7.4free
fhs-targetbasic≥ 1.7free
fhs-whitespacebasic≥ 1.7.4free
jekyllandhydemultipage≥ 1.7GPLv3
krl-3col-flexcols, 3or2col, responsiv, multipage, konviguration-gui1.7+free
lck_overlay_02multipage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_accordiononepage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_expandonepage, CSS only≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_goawayonepage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_ihaveadreamonepage≥ 1.6GPLv3
op_metro02onepage, CSS only≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_metroonepage, CSS only≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_mypianoonepage≥ 1.6GPLv3
op_slidemecrazyonepage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_tinyskew02onepage, CSS only≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_tinyskewonepage, CSS only≥ 1.7GPLv3
overlay_03multipage, CSS only≥ 1.74GPLv3
simplebluemultipage, CSS only, 2-col, basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplecrazyx02multipage≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplecrazyxmultipage≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplecrazymultipage, CSS only, 2-col, basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplegreenmultipage, CSS only, 2-col, basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simpleorangemultipage, CSS only, 2-col, basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simpleredmultipage, CSS only, 2-col, basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
split-itmultipage≥ 1.7.3GPLv3
underthebridgemultipage≥ 1.6GPLv3


An overview with links to template providers can be found on this page.

Own template?

A description of what to do to add your own template to this list can be found on this info page.