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all basic cols CSS only multipage onepage
dontplaygamesMultipage≥ 1.6GPLv3
fhs-anchorific-pureBasic≥ 1.7free
fhs-basic3-col, Basic≥ 1.7free
fhs-left-rightBasic≥ 1.7free
fhs-magicHeroBasic, Big-hero≥ 1.7free
fhs-targetBasic≥ 1.7free
jekyllandhydeMultipage≥ 1.7GPLv3
lck_overlay_02Multipage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_expandOnepage, Cssonly≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_goawayOnepage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_ihaveadreamOnepage≥ 1.6GPLv3
op_metro02Onepage, Cssonly≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_metroOnepage, Cssonly≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_mypianoOnepage≥ 1.6GPLv3
op_slidemecrazyOnepage≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_tinyskew02Onepage, Cssonly≥ 1.7GPLv3
op_tinyskewOnepage, Cssonly≥ 1.7GPLv3
simpleblueMultipage, Cssonly, 2-col, Basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplecrazyx02Multipage≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplecrazyxMultipage≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplecrazyMultipage, Cssonly, 2-col, Basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simplegreenMultipage, Cssonly, 2-col, Basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simpleorangeMultipage, Cssonly, 2-col, Basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
simpleredMultipage, Cssonly, 2-col, Basic≥ 1.6GPLv3
underthebridgeMultipage≥ 1.6GPLv3


The repository is still under construction. An overview with links to template providers can be found on this page.

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