— a small modular open source CMS without database

Terms of Licence

On 01.01.2010 CMSimple was released by Peter Harteg under the GPL3 Licence. Thus it is free for all time and no backlink to (which has been sold in the meantime), nor the purchase of a licence for removing the link is required anymore. This of course also applies to all CMSimple offshoots like CMSimple_XH.

Only the copyright information and licence type section need to stay within the source code of the core. These terms are fulfilled in CMSimple_XH.

We would be pleased, if you link back to CMSimple_XH by placing a link to somewhere in your template. This would make CMSimple_XH better known, and in the long term add to the success of CMSimple_XH and benefit its users. The standard-templates shipped with CMSimple_XH also contain this link.

We like to thank Peter Harteg for releasing CMSimple under GPL3-Licence and wish all the best for him and the projects he'll start in the future.