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We check all downloads to the best of our knowledge, but do not assume any warranty. The use of the offerings is at your own risk.


Since 02.07.2017 all new CMSimple_XH versions, bug fixes and upgrade packages are published on Github and offered for download.

CMSimple_XH Releases (Github) 

Latest Version

CMSimple_XH Version 1.7.1 directly from Github:

XH 1.7.1 Download (ZIP, Github)

SHA-256 hash: 110D4D25298810C9FB7095CA1A1BA04067AA9C9F7C95FF2E4376262E96C67658


XH Update 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 (ZIP, GitHub)

SHA-256 hash: A3447DECF765EB576544756BBBDFE0A1B4ED4B9B95D5515B657E6207B0E10A82


CMSimple_XH Version 1.7.1 direct download from this page:

SHA-256 hash: 110D4D25298810C9FB7095CA1A1BA04067AA9C9F7C95FF2E4376262E96C67658
SHA-256 hash: A3447DECF765EB576544756BBBDFE0A1B4ED4B9B95D5515B657E6207B0E10A82

Older Versions

Older CMSimple_XH versions are provided on SourceForge:

to the archive (SourceForge)


CMSimple_XH Version 1.6.10 direct download from this page:




Language Packages

CMSimple_XH is delivered in English and German language by default. Other languages can be downloaded here. Some of the links are direct downloads - others are links to the provider's pages.

Unpack the downloaded file and upload the contained folders cmsimple/ and plugins/ into your CMSimple_XH installation (to exactly the folders that already exist there). If a language package needs to be installed differently, this is described in the provided readme.txt.

Questions or suggestions?
… can be discussed in the Translations-Forum.


Flags for second languages

CMSimple_XH uses flags representing the respective language as switches for multilingual websites. The flags are located in the folder userfiles/images/flags/.

Standard Flag Set

The standard set of 16 flags in GIF format in the size 32 x 24 px can be downloaded here. It is identical to the delivered set.

Extended Flag Sets

Further flag sets are available for download. The ZIP archives contain flags for 58 languages in the specified sizes.
Here is a  preview of the extended flag sets.

Flag Set, 58 languages, 32 x 24 px

Flag Set, 58 languages, 48 x 36 px

Flag Set, 58 languages, 64 x 48 px



There is no official CMSimple_XH logo. Here we present a few logo variants. The logos can be downloaded by right-clicking on them.


XH Logo


XH Logo XH Logo XH Logo XH Logo

A larger version

XH Logo

And the same as CDR-Datei, AI-Datei, WMF-Datei.

Here is an SVG version in orange. The logo is square and can be scaled without loss of quality. The color can be easily changed with a text editor under "path fill". The same goes for the transparency under "fill-opacity". In case your browser refuses to save a SVG (e. g. the IE), there is a ZIP-Archive of the SVG logo.


An alternative variant JPG:

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