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01.07.2010 – v1.1.3

CMSimple_XH 1.1.3 contains small improvements and bug fixes, manly in the area pagedata, where we received some reports that in certain cases pagedata became disarranged (assignment of page related data to specific CMSimple_XH pages).

For the many users of CMSimple_XH 1.1.2 there is ready for download

Update 1.1.2 => 1.1.3

As in this download there are no config and language files, the files can simply be installed on top of the existing installation.

Download »

The Update is strongly recommended

Important Changes:
  • Improved pluginloader, disarrangement of page data assignment to specific CMSimple_XH pages should no longer occur.
  • The template selectbox of page_params will now show templates in alphabetical order.
  • Some deprecated php-tags changed into php5/6 compatible tags.
  • A few code improvements here and there