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Since CMSimple_XH 1.5 the default editor is tinyMCE. Alternative editors are available as plugins, e.g. CKEditor.

The editors that were available for CMSimple and CMSimple_XH < 1.5 can't be used anymore, as the editor interface has completely changed.


You can choose the toolbar to use under Plugins→Tinymce→Toolbar. While the “full” toolbar (the default) presents all the bells and whistles, the “minimal” toolbar concentrates on the most often needed functionality. “medium” is somewhere in between, and “sidebar” is meant for use with some other plugins.

How to customize the toolbar and tinyMCE in general is explained below.


The tinyMCE works similar to modern word processors, e.g. MS Word, so its usage is somewhat self explaining. Note that tinyMCE offers a context menu.

A video tutorial on using tinyMCE can be found on YouTube. Please note that this tutorial isn't particularly made for CMSimple_XH, so only the first two videos are relevant, and the hints about the heading levels are not correct for CMSimple_XH: use exactly one heading 1-3 as page heading, and use additional headings 4-6 for structuring the page (see Content and Pagedata).

There is a screencast on YouTube showing how to insert and align images with CMSimple_XH. A German tutorial about presenting images with CMSimple_XH explains further possibilities by using lightboxes and gallery plugins.


If none of the delivered toolbars meet your requirements, you can customize them. In plugins/tinymce/inits/ you'll find the files relating to the toolbar setting (not the file plugins/tinymce/init.js). Choose the one that's most closely to what you want, copy and rename it to e.g init_mytoolbar.js. Under Plugins→Tinymce→Toolbar choose “mytoolbar” and open any page in edit mode; that's reasonable before you make any customizations as you can check them step by step by simply refreshing the browser. Then open init_mytoolbar.js in a text editor.

There you'll find one or more options “theme_advanced_buttonsX”. Each of them holds the definition for a single row of the toolbar. The value is a comma separated list of words or bars (|), with each word representing a button or selectbox, and a bar representing a vertical separator. Just rearrange the words in the order you like, distributed to the lines as you prefer. After saving the file, you can check the result by refreshing your browser.

tinyMCE can be customized further by changing, removing or adding options in the chosen init_*.js file. The options are explained in the tinyMCE documentation. Most of them work for CMSimple_XH; the only exceptions are the options, that are configured to %PLACEHOLDERS%. Don't change or remove them, as this might break the seamless integration with CMSimple_XH.

How to used prepared snippets is explained in the forum.

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