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The Team

CMSimple_XH is a community driven project. Everybody can propose new features in the developers sub-group of the CMSimple_XH-Forum »

If you think you can make a contribution, you are very welcome to submit your ideas to the CMSimple_XH-Forum.

Active contributors to the code of the latest version of CMSimple_XH have been (in alphabetical order):

Christoph M. Becker – Germany

  • Nick at the CMSimple_XH-Forum: cmb
  • Homepage:
  • Focus: Refactoring of CMSimple_XH, coordination,  plugins, documentation

Holger Irmler – Germany

  • Nick at the CMSimple_XH-Forum: Holger
  • Homepage:
  • Focus: CMSimple_XH forum, programming. FCKeditor4CMSimple, jQuery4CMSimple

Emanuel Marinello – Switzerland

  • Nick at the CMSimple_XH-Forum: manu
  • Homepage:
  • Focus: programming, tinyMCE

Frank Ziesing – Germany

  • Nick at the CMSimple Forum: svasti
  • Homepage:
  • Focus: plugins, languages and translations, CMSimple_XH website

Contributors to former version of CMSimple_XH have been:

Martin Damken – Germany

Gert Ebersbach – Germany

Leen Moerland – Netherlands

Markus Vetter – Germany

International CMSimple_XH sites

Operators of international CMSimple_XH websites:

Dr. Martin Sereday – Slovakia

Gerd Xhonneux – Belgium

Patrick Varlet – France

Preben Dahl – Denmark

Piotr Madej – Poland

Josef Němec – Czech Republic