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About CMSimple_XH

About the CMS

CMSimple_XH is an open source project under GPL3 license. CMSimple_XH is freely available and can be used by everyone free of charge, also for commercial purposes.

The slogan on the homepage reads: "CMSimple_XH smart - light - simple". These three attributes are intended to highlight the advantages of this flat file content-management-system. In the following we will try to explain the whole thing in more detail.


Smart, intelligent, clever? - Yes.
CMSimple_XH was mainly written in PHP with a little bit of HTML and JavaScript. The entire content of all pages is stored in one file (file-based). It does not require a database. This is not unique, but it is rare and quite smart. Isn't it?

CMSimple_XH has a modular structure. With Plugins or AddOns it is almost unlimited expandable. Over the course of time, countless extensions have been developed for all kinds of applications. With a few clicks they can be added or removed. With a look at the publicly available program documentation and possibly some tips from the wiki, anyone with PHP knowledge can write their own extensions. No problem.


... is supposed to mean "light-weight and fast".
CMSimple started with an amazing 20 KB (!) Code. Okay, that's not possible these days. CMSimple_XH has (in version 1.7) a download size of about 2.7 MB - including some Plugins and three extensive templates to choose from. If one compares this value with other heavyweight content management systems, which sometimes weigh more than 100 MB, then the attribute "light" for CMSimple_XH becomes more understandable. This point, together with "smart", naturally also means that CMSimple_XH is incredibly fast. Try it out!


Maybe there shouldn't be any text here? Once you have tried it, you will know what is meant …


CMSimple_XH was developed as a content management system for small to medium-sized websites. One of our users already has nearly 1000 pages on his CMSimple_XH website and the website is still responding fast. However, if a larger Internet presence is planned, or one that is to be maintained by many authors, then other content management systems could be more suitable.


CMSimple_XH is free to use (open source).

On 01.01.2010 CMSimple was released under the GPL3 license which also applies to CMSimple_XH. A link to a specific website or the purchase of a license to remove the link is no longer necessary.

However, we would be pleased if users of CMSimple_XH leave a link to in the template to make the system more popular.