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How can I be involved in XH?

The basic idea of the project CMSimple_XH is: "Everybody can, nobody has to." There is no fixed distribution of tasks, schedules, etc. Anyone who wants to get involved will do so according to their talents and personal time schedule.

PHP programmer for Core and Plugins

Our development team can always need support for the implementation of planned changes and the further development of the CMS.

So anyone who would like to be involved in this open source project is welcome to help design and develop this project.

It is also important to develop extensions in the form of AddOns or Plugins. There are always application scenarios that cannot yet be covered with AddOns or Plugins. Also the further development and adaptation of existing but orphaned Plugins is an upcoming task.

If you are interested, please register in the CMSimple_XH Developer forum.
Or you can present already finished Plugins and AddOns in the CMSimple_XH forum.


Good contemporary templates are just as important. Anyone who wants to contribute can do so as well.

New templates should be are responsive as possible and should be adapted to new versions of CMSimple_XH in the future if necessary.

New templates can be presented in the CMSimple_XH forum.


Translators for CMSimple_XH, but also for Plugins are always welcome. An overview of offers and requests for translations can be found under Downloads and in the CMSimple_XH forum.

Interested Users

Not everyone is interested in programming or designing templates. That's not even necessary.

Suggestions, hints and tips resulting from the use of the system and Plugins also help us to further improve the CMS, AddOns, Plugins and templates.

You can get rid of all this in the forum.