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On this page we would like to offer plugins for download, the maintenance of which is at least temporarily discontinued and for which there is currently no other download option known to us.


The fhs_adminmenu plugin provides an alternative and fully accessible admin menu for the backend. There is a small dashboard that only displays basic functions. This dashboard can be moved so that it does not interfere with the page view. The actual admin menu can then be opened or closed by clicking on the first button. The included plug-in help provides further information.

In memory of Frank Seidel

Free for all occasions!
Please respect the rights of the other authors.


Glossaire_XH shows a definition of certain words in your website and in newsboxes on mouseover.

  • This word appears highlighted by a dotted line (configurable)
  • The number of events is configurable
  • The reference of the displayed definition can be configured for each individual template
  • Also works in multilingual websites
  • Plural is recognized (for supported languages)

Courtesy of Ludovic

Hello everyone
For health reasons, I stop the development of the "Glossaire_XH" plugin. It will therefore no longer be available on my site.

If someone is interested in continuing it (respecting the license) and perhaps bring it up to date, I can provide information if necessary.
It is enough to contact me (via MP or via the contact form of my site).

In any case, I am happy that Glossaire_XH could have been useful for a few during these few years and I want a long life at CMSIMPLE_XH as well as to this forum.

Wear yourself well and good luck.

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