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CMSimple_XH - Basic Requirements - Online - Web-Server - Computer


Basic Requirements

Here is a short description of the requirements for using CMSimple_XH. More detailed information can be found in the wiki.


A working internet connection is required. ;-)


CMSimple_XH requires a Web-server running at least PHP 5.5 (recommended 7.4 or higher). A database is not required. Apache servers are often used by the relevant providers - but CMSimple_XH also works on other systems (successfully tested with e. g. IIS, LiteSpeed and NGINX).


Of course you need a computer to work with CMSimple_XH. The installed operating system does nor matter - however, an up-to-date Web-browser should be available.

It would also be important to have an FTP program (such as Filezilla), with which you can upload files and - if necessary - assign the necessary write and read permissions to the folders and files on the server.


To test CMSimple_XH offline at home or perhaps for portable presentations, there are (at least) two ways:

  1. You install a web server on your computer (e. g. XAMPP) and load CMSimple_XH into the folder, which is responsible for websites (at XAMPP htdocs). If you want to experiment with the template design, you also need a text editor that can edit UTF-8 files without BOM (Byte Order Mark) (e. g. Notepad++).

  2. Christoph M. Becker (a member of our team) has programmed a portable CMSimple_XH Testversion, which creates its own web server on Windows computers. The whole thing can be started from a USB stick without any problems, but no software is installed on the computer.