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ChangeLog – 22.11.2010 – v1.3

ChangeLog CMSimple_XH

22.11.2010 – v1.3

CMSimple_XH 1.3 ready for download.

There is also an update CMsimple_XH 1.2 utf-8 => CMSimple_XH 1.3.

Just as CMsimple_XH 1.2 is utf-8 coded, CMSimple_XH 1.3 is in utf-8 as well. Since this will be standard for all future versions, we haven't included it in the version name.

In CMsimple_XH 1.3 many ideas from the community have been realized and a few minor problems solved. Moreover the configuration of site title, site description and keywords has been taken out of the normal language file into a special language related config file, so that in future updates these data won't be overwritten..

Further there is a new system info and help page.