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ChangeLog – 22.09.2012 – v1.5.4

ChangeLog CMSimple_XH

22.09.2012 – v1.5.4

This version is mainly meant to fix some bugs, but it introduced some noteworthy changes for end users:

  • The login security has been improved: all passwords are now stored encrypted (actually hashed) in config.php and the cookies. You can change your password online as usual, but if you want to change it in config.php directly, you must enter it in encrypted form. See README.txt for how this can be done.
    As Security→Type "wwwaut" doesn't allow to store encrypted passwords, we have removed this authentication method. So switch to "page" or "javascript".
  • A system check is available under Settings→Info. Right after the installation of XH 1.5.4 you should check, if everything is ok.
  • The filebrowser – when called from the admin menu – now displays on which pages the images are used.
  • Search results can now be bookmarked.
  • The search requires all characters to be real UTF-8 characters, i.e. no HTML entities except &, < and > are recognized. Content created with tinyMCE or CKEditor is in this form; for older content you might want to convert the pages by saving them again from the editor. An automatic conversion will be integrated to the Utf8migrator_XH plugin ASAP.
  • The configuration options Hidden→XXX were renamed to Show_hidden→XXX to better explain their effect. Please make the necessary adjustments in the configuration, if you've changed their defaults.

An upgrade package 1.5(.x) ⇒ 1.5.4 is available. Please read the upgrade instructions.