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ChangeLog – 03.10.2021 v1.7.5 released

ChangeLog CMSimple_XH

03.10.2021 v1.7.5 released

CMSimple_XH 1.7.5 fixes a whole bunch of (mostly minor) bugs. It also updates to Fa_XH 1.3, Pagemanager_XH 3.6, and jQuery 3.6.0. Furthermore it now bundles the tinymce5 plugin; TinyMCE 4 is no longer supported, and we will cease further maintenance of the tinymce4 plugin, but the tinymce5 plugins has still a few glitches, so we kept tinymce4 the default editor for now. Adventurous users are welcome to check out tinymce5 and report any issues. If you had TinyMCE5 installed, the update package may overwrite customized files; be careful. We also have improved he link check (HTTPS links are checked now, and there are a few new configuration options). We also added support for entering of soft hyphens in page headings as |-|. Note that PHP 8.0 is supposed to be supported now.

See the changelog for details.

As usual you have the following options:

  • For new installations use the full installation package!

SHA-256 hash: aec21590e34c8cdfa8e79f2786fe3f6581dd6a2b23909de8619a490570c7365e

SHA-256 hash: 47e4319998b3b75c9b876cba652ca20b911a4df662c4d9bf4c99030e87e97be1

SHA-256 hash: 7a5fdb42558367badc3bdc31539f4c3ead5106e05d39b961bee92e7d0050d796