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ChangeLog – 12.07.2023 v1.7.6 released

ChangeLog CMSimple_XH

12.07.2023 v1.7.6 released

CMSimple_XH 1.7.6 closes some minor bugs, brings compatibility up to PHP 8.2 and some minor improvements. Also updated to Pagemanager_XH 3.7, HI_UpdateCheck 1.5 and jQuery 1.6.6. TinyMCE 5 becomes the default editor.

The template "lck_overlay_02" is replaced by "overlay_03", the template "fhs-simple-2019" was slightly revised.

See the changelog for details.

As usual you have the following options:

  • For new installations use the full installation package!

SHA-256 hash: 03D28EF83A4BCF230F883363B7BD38D929B803512C4E63B8CB4977B581EA1FAD

SHA-256 hash: 3A1BF2FE66534A7A9B9833C0E47FE17EDD328E9FEFEE4FCC74661BC30910D84C

SHA-256 hash: A347F362B79D8F292BF226CC68B0F8784E053F37BBADEF58D4EE138E48BEBFF5