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Important Links

Important Links

Since CMSimple_XH is a completely free and decentralized project, the information about the system is relatively widely dispersed. Like the programming itself, the various pages are operated and maintained free of charge by ambitious users. This page is intended as a guide.

General Information

CMSimple_XH project page
This is the CMSimple_XH homepage you are currently browsing. It should be the first point of contact for all users (for both new and experienced users) and provide a general overview of the system. It is also intended to provide guidance for further information.

CMSimple_XH on GitHub
CMSimple_XH is developed and published here. All code is visible (master), all development stages are traceable (issues: closed), planned changes are listed and the status of implementation is documented (milestones). Code changes can be submitted here via pull requests. After discussion and voting, these amendments can be added (merged) to the official code. Access to GitHub is open to everyone and free of charge.

CMSimple_XH forum
This is actually the most important address for CMSimple_XH. The largest pool of information. There's so much going on here. All news will be discussed here, in several languages. Is there a problem? Do you have any questions? Do you have any suggestions or new ideas? Register and become an active member.

CMSimple_XH Online-DEMO
Great thing! Quickly try it out, test the functions, sense what it feels like. This page is especially for people who don't know CMSimple_XH yet.


The developers listed in the lists usually also offer a demo version on their pages in addition to the download.

Template Repository

Orphaned Templates

Templates in the forum
Presentation of new templates in the forum. Often these templates are discussed here as well.

Plugins and AddOns

The listed providers often provide a demo version on their pages in addition to the download.

Plugin Repository

Orphaned Plugins

Plugins and AddOns in the CMSimple_XH forum
Presentation of new Plugins in the forum.

More national websites

There are several country-specific CMSimple_XH websites. Here is a list of the operators of these websites and their addresses:

We have no control over the actuality and correctness of the linked pages.
Slovensko (SK)
Dr. Martin Sereday
Schweiz (CH)
Emanuel Marinello
Russia, Russian Federation (RU)
Eugene Tugolukov