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Repository Information

In order to publish a plugin or a template in the repository, the cooperation of the developers is required. All required information must be entered in an XML file and be available on a publicly accessible Web space. The repo plug-in fetches the XML files (and any images) at regular intervals and thus keeps the repository up-to-date.

XML-Writer Tool

Here we provide a tool with which the required XML file can be created relatively simply. It can be used on a local or on an online server. If it is used online, the "writer" folder should be protected from unauthorized access. Further information about the use can be found in the download in the file "README.txt".

XML online

The finished and checked XML file must now be uploaded to a server together with the screenshots (optional) so that the information is available for the repo plugin. If any data should change (e.g. the version), the XML file can be easily updated by the developer. The information is transferred to the repo after 24 hours at the latest.

The storage location (URL) of the XML file must of course be communicated to the repository once. The form at the bottom of this page serves this purpose.

Legal issues

  1. By filling out the xml template and submitting the corresponding URL, the supplier expressly warrants that all necessary copyrights for texts and images are available and / or corresponding usage permits can be produced.
    If we determine or suspect that this is not the case, the content will be permanently removed by us. The same applies to manipulation attempts of any kind in the contents (malicious code).
  2. For the time of the representation on these Website the rights of the intermediate storage and publication are granted to us.
    All accessible data (texts, images) are stored temporarily on this server until they are read again.
  3. The registration of the e-mail address is necessary in order to be able to contact the supplier in case of questions or technical problems.
    – The e-mail address will not be published and will not be passed on to third parties.

Available categories (tags)

For Plug-ins:

For Templates:

Changes to the available filters are possible as needed. At the moment you can also use your own tags. These tags will be output, but cannot be found by filter. This possibility is probably not available in later versions.

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