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A responsive template for CMSimple_XH 1.7.xbased on fhs-basic by Frank SeidelIt is a classic 3 column layout with a slideshow in the header. The design is kept very simple and clear. The layout is responsive and therefore adapts to the different viewport widths automatically.
This template is provided without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The use is exclusively at your own risk. There is no warranty of any kind. For damage, which results from the use of the template, I reject any adhesion!
Prerequisite for the proper function are the following plugins and images:Slideshow_XHMorpagedata_XHImages for the slideshow in the exact size 1920 x 300 px (min. 2 pieces) in the folder /userfiles/images/headerimages/ and possibly further subfolders to /userfiles/images/.Privacy_XH optionalCrazystat_XH optional
Based on the underlying design by Frank Seidel I added additional flexibility using the plugin Morpagedata. This allows the following settings to be made separately for each individual page:
  1. Theme color: horizontal line above and below the slideshow, and the horizontal line above the footer.
  2. Menu background color: can be set the hover color, the normal color is calculated by subtracting the value #2222 from the hover color. The color of the active menu item is calculated by subtracting the value #444444 from the hover color. Since the font color is set to constant white and a minimum contrast to the background color is required, there is a necessary limitation of the value range for the individual colors. The smallest effective value of each basic color of the hover color is #44 and the largest effective value is #CC. In the input mask, even smaller and even larger values can be specified, but in the template these are corrected (silently without feedback).
  3. Selection of the folder for the slideshow images.
  4. The two news boxes in the right column can be selected independently, so they can be set to fit the context of the page. They are only displayed if a selection is made.
  5. Specify whether the privacy form for accepting or rejecting cookies is displayed.
  6. If a page has subpages, an additional submenu is displayed in the right column above the news boxes instead of under the content column.
  7. If no news boxes are defined and no subpages exist for the current page, the template changes to a 2-column design with menu and content column for wide viewports.
As with the template, the news boxes and the submenu move below the content when the viewport becomes narrower.
If the viewport becomes even narrower, the content also moves under the menu. Clicking the X to the right of the search box collapses the menu to a "hamburger".
If the page is started on a narrow viewport (cell phone, small tablet), the menu appears only as a "hamburger", which unfolds by clicking.
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Im 2-spaltigen ModusIm 3-spaltigen Modus, schmalerer ViewportThemenfarbe und Menüfarbe leicht abweichendSchmaler Viewport, daher ist das Menü zum Hamburger zusammengeklappt.Handy hochkantThemenfarbe und Menüfarbe deutlich unterschiedlich
  • Category: Basic, Multipage, Responsiv
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Date of publication: 2021-02-27
  • XH-Version: 1.7.x
  • PHP-Version: 5.6+
  • License: free
  • Coder: Original: Frank Seidel. Modified from: Karl Richard Lembach
  • Website: http://cmsi ... .de/
  • Information last updated on: 2021-02-27


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