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Pdeditor_XH facilitates viewing and editing the page data in the administration of CMSimple_XH. It also provides some diagnostics regarding potential desynchronisation of content and pagedata (what is supposed to never happen in CMSimple_XH ≥ 1.6). It is meant as an alternative to editing pagedata.php resp. since CMSimple_XH 1.6 the pagedata sections in content.htm) manually, so it should be used by experienced users only, who know exactly, what they are doing. It's not a tool for unexperienced users! These should manipulate the pagedata via the interface provided by the respective plugins only (often a tab above the editor).
  • Category: Admin
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Date of publication: 2015-04-10
  • XH-Version: ≥ 1.5.4
  • PHP-Version: ≥ 5.1.2
  • License: GPLv3
  • Coder: Christoph M. Becker
  • Website: https://3-m ... .net
  • Information last updated on: 2021-01-23


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